Status report

*rolls in*

Um, current status report in terms of games? :D?

Phantasy Star Online 2:
– Ship 2, block whatever. 350 hours last I checked. 40 ranger/22 hunter/21 force. Yukata took 800k and that hurted.

Persona 4 the Golden:
– 2nd playthrough
– Just doing sauna for ¬†client orde…I mean, quests.
– Trying to max commu this run

Nayuta no Kiseki
– 1st playthrough
– 4 bosses to go according to the icons
– Jumping is the hardest thing in this game, I swear

May do individual posts for the games and MAYBE will do some image dump of PSO2 screenshots (I take a lot). Dunno. Generally lazy.

Oh, Miku soon!  :D