[PSO2] 7th Dragon 2020-esque parallel world

One of the new thing added following last week’s update was parallel world, where everything there is rare. Me and my teammate found ourselves in one earlier the day, and I love you, SEGA. :D

Parallel world entrance

Basically, when the portal to the parallel world shows up, a fanfare plays (which is pretty obvious, you can’t miss it…unless you turned sound off). Somewhere in the map there will be a rainbow colored teleporter that sends you to ????. Once there, you’ll see another portal similar to the ones that send you to a boss field, and as soon as that activates an emergency trial to eliminate rare monsters will go off.

Tranzexia doing “I’ve never seen this before”

We were lucky and ran into some Signo Blues and um…Tran…Tran…Tranzexia? Man I don’t even know what they’re called. .-. Anyways, yeah, an interesting thing about this was that the Tranzexia did an attack that I have not seen before. Wonder if it’s exclusive to this area? The other interesting thing was, this area really resembles Shibuya in 7th Dragon 2020. ‘v’ Sure it’s similar to a bunch of OTHER things, but it’s SEGA! SEGA did 7th Dragon 2020! So yeah. \o/


Wish I could stay there and take pictures, but this happened during the Xmas on Ice emergency mission, so I had to run. The next time I’m totally staying to take more pictures. ;_;

[PSO2] Because Mi needs to plan.

Mi is all about planning. Maybe.

FO/TE combo:
FO – Fire tree, Tech Charge Advance 1, Photon Flare
TE – PP Restrict, Poison Ignition… Not sure what else to get.

RA – Yes, I have a boring build. Yes, I maxed R-DEF Up 1.

FI – I… actually don’t know what to do with fighter build. Because they are so… Well nothing really happens. More S-ATK will allow other jobs to equip better gunslash, but yeah.

HU – Will have to decide if I want to max S-DEF Up 1 or Auto Mate Halfline or maybe even look into getting JA Bonus.

GU – Maybe this, I don’t know. Not sure how a gunner works at all.

This… is going to be an interesting update.

PSO2 system update

Since Ricardo didn’t touched it on his blog. Sauce.

Basically, things gonna be changed for the sub-class update. (SEGA’s honoring their words of a week’s notice for any changes.)

Cause: People farming in one MPA room for way too long. Sometimes upward to a few days.
What will be changed: A newly created MPA room will only spawn mobs and e-trials for 4 hours. After 4 hours nothing will happen anymore, like the emergency quests after they ends. No new parties can join the said MPA rooms 3 and 1/2 hours after the MPA’s initial creation, to prevent later parties from not getting any mobs spawns.

Cause: Anything rare can be gotten from the player shop. No sense of accomplishment when you find something rare. And because of the price of rares, people farm MPA, effectively creating the above cause.
What will be changed: 10*+ rares and Lv11+ disc cannot be traded at all. So basically PSPo2i. (Or earlier PS games if such a rule also exists, since PSPo2i is the first game in the series I played.)

Cause: In-game economy. Inflation. I’m sure you all notice how everything is wtfexpensive lately. That. ‘Cause weapons/units are sold to NPCs for too much.
What will be changed: The price for weapons and units sold to NPC will be scaled down. On the other hand, some stuffs gets scaled up.

– 1* weapons will be sold to NPCs for higher price to help new players start out.
– When dropped, a 7*+ weapon’s element (if it does come with one) will now range from 20% to 45% instead of the 10% to 35% for normal weapons.
– Identified ?Special Weapons will have their elements at anywhere from 25% to 50%.
– Boss monsters and rare enemies will now drop coins that’s worth more.

Basically: Inflation happened too fast for this game. Things must be done to control it. Or maybe they have planned this all along and is just trolling you. ‘v ‘


PS: Spica’s weekly team CO both takes place in the forest. 30 of something from Lv1+ Nav Rappies and then some stuffs from Lv21+ birds. Should probably just do it on hard free explore.