Alpacaa(ry (+ rant)

Life has been alpaca so far.

Eden Eternal: Alpaca for ride!
Ragnarok Online: Alpaca for ride for acolyte class!
TinierMe: Event involving alpaca!
Harvest Moon: Alpaca plushie! And Alpaca as farm animal! Even though I started in Konohana! :v

Alpaca plushie so soft to touuuuch. *w*

Heard alpaca takes 18000 gold to get in Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns… It’ll… definitely take a while to get that much money but I don’t really plan to move to Bluebell anytime within the first year so it should be OK? .-.;

But yesh, finally gets to play an HM! Been carving for one and didn’t really wanted to play the previous titles, or RF. Have the first one in the series and it tried to stuff too many things into one game. =\ You ended up with a huge long task list that you may or may not be able to finish within a day. In fact I think it took me like half a year before I really begin exploring the dungeons, and that’s a really slow pace. orz

Let’s hope it goes better for this HM. Crossing the mountain everyday is a bit annoying though. :v

Noora to Toki no Koubou

Compy having problem recently, not sure if GPU was seriously damaged because of excessive Terraria or what, but yeah, not on my own PC right now.

So after a weekend of “GRRR USPS WHY!?”, I finally get my hands on Altus’s new DS game today. *gasp* Someone actually buy their games!

I’ll add in picture if/when my computer’s fixed. /o\

Anyways, been playing it for about 3 hours so first impression?

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