Good People Dies to English!

Grammatically fail title, yesh, but eh.

Zennin Shiboudesu have been announced for both the 3DS and Vita for the English community under the name of “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward“. No date for it though. >.>

Oh well. Shiboudesu talk anyways because no one else on my twitter plays it! Or anyone else on places outside twitter! I need a place to vent! No has gaf account do not suggest.

Spoilers happen, so after the cut.

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Aka ya Akashi ya Ayakashi no pt.1: “Preparation”

Guess AkaAka gets to be the first game written here. …Well it was the whole reason why I made this anyways I guess.

Anyways! Introducing “Aka ya Akashi ya Ayakashi no“, the new doujin “for girl” adventure game/visual novel from HaccaWorks*, famous for their¬†Hanakisou.¬†The series of posts I’m about to write on this game is a mix of summary of the game, my comments, and general fangirling. BL-related comment may be present too, even though the game is not a BL. If you’re not into reading a girl’s fangirling, please skip. :>

Lousy translation of the story given on the official site:

Yue is a boy raised in the shrine on top of the mountain in the outskirts of Utsuwa City. One day, Yue and his friend Kurogitsune sneaked out of the shrine for the annual winter festival and met two mysterious boys there. Upon hearing that when they got back, the head of the shrine, Mikoto told Yue:

“It’s time to prepare for your ‘meal’.”

Read on for the summary.

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