Status report

*rolls in*

Um, current status report in terms of games? :D?

Phantasy Star Online 2:
– Ship 2, block whatever. 350 hours last I checked. 40 ranger/22 hunter/21 force. Yukata took 800k and that hurted.

Persona 4 the Golden:
– 2nd playthrough
– Just doing sauna for ¬†client orde…I mean, quests.
– Trying to max commu this run

Nayuta no Kiseki
– 1st playthrough
– 4 bosses to go according to the icons
– Jumping is the hardest thing in this game, I swear

May do individual posts for the games and MAYBE will do some image dump of PSO2 screenshots (I take a lot). Dunno. Generally lazy.

Oh, Miku soon!  :D

Good People Dies to English!

Grammatically fail title, yesh, but eh.

Zennin Shiboudesu have been announced for both the 3DS and Vita for the English community under the name of “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward“. No date for it though. >.>

Oh well. Shiboudesu talk anyways because no one else on my twitter plays it! Or anyone else on places outside twitter! I need a place to vent! No has gaf account do not suggest.

Spoilers happen, so after the cut.

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