[Miracle Nikki] Princess Aspal’s Wish

I don’t actually know if it’s spell as Aspal. Teehee.

This event is much easier on our sanity when compared to the previous event where you’re at the mercy of RNGesus. I never completed any of the previous event’s sets because of that. Anyways, details after the cut.

This event carries out in a quiz style setting. You are given few categories, the same categories as the ones in the colosseum, and you have to pick between two randomly generated outfits present to you for the one that will score higher with the given theme. So far the given themes I’ve seen are:

  • 麗しき佳人 / beautiful lady? – Pretty lady style
  • ビーチパーティーコーデ / beach party – summer/beach wear
  • 春はどこ? / where is spring? – cute, pink, flowery stuffs
  • 冬の炎 / winter flame – warm clothing
  • オフィスの女王 / queen of the office – OL stuffs

You get 5 Dream Stars (event item) if you guessed correctly, 3 if you guessed incorrect. There are 10 free tries per day, and after that each try costs 24 diamonds, 240 for a full refill.

Rewards this time around is flat out exchange instead of RNG. We also get a little something extra. You get Dream Stars based on how many diamonds you used, on the event itself or some other stuffs. Assuming we’re non-IAP, we’ll probably get up to the 599 diamond tier at most? Which gives us 50 extra Dream Stars.

Anyways, let’s math! Because math!

So in order to get everything, we need 473 Dream Stars.

Scenario 1: 100% correct rate

Assuming you get everything correct all the time for all 7 days.

50 stars * 7 days = 350 stars, 123 short
full refill twice -> 20 more runs = 100 stars, total 450
full refill twice = 240*2 = 480 diamonds spent, so 30 stars from reward, total 480

Scenario 2: 70% correct rate

This assumes that for ever 10 tries you get 3 wrongs, thus end up with 44 stars a day.

44 stars * 7 days = 308 stars, 165 short
refill 27 times -> 27*4.4 = ~119, total 427
refill 27 times = 24*27 = 648 diamonds spent, 50 stars from reward, total 477

Scenario 3: 0% correct way all the way through

While I doubt this is even possible, let’s do it anyways.

30 stars * 7 days = 210 stars, 263 short
refill 65 times -> 65*3 = 195, total 405
refill 65 times = 24*65 = 1,560 diamonds spent, 70 stars from reward, adding to 475

Realistically you’re looking at scenario 2 because trick questions happen, which is still pretty good considering what it was last event. Lesson of the day: lrn2category