[PSO2] Because Mi needs to plan.

Mi is all about planning. Maybe.

FO/TE combo:
FO – Fire tree, Tech Charge Advance 1, Photon Flare
TE – PP Restrict, Poison Ignition… Not sure what else to get.

RA – Yes, I have a boring build. Yes, I maxed R-DEF Up 1.

FI – I… actually don’t know what to do with fighter build. Because they are so… Well nothing really happens. More S-ATK will allow other jobs to equip better gunslash, but yeah.

HU – Will have to decide if I want to max S-DEF Up 1 or Auto Mate Halfline or maybe even look into getting JA Bonus.

GU – Maybe this, I don’t know. Not sure how a gunner works at all.

This… is going to be an interesting update.