Ao no Kiseki things #2

Moar spoiler! Up to that chapter after Ch.4! (Not writing it out on purpose.)


That was kinda unexpected.

Game, do you seriously expect me to do something about Arios?

I mean, really? Lv110? Hitting him for a physical damage of 1? Seriously? :| Maybe I’ll be actually able to do something when I get to Lv120… But yeah…

Anyways. Wait, KeA is not the treasure? She’s just a copy/replica? The Treasure of Zero? Don’t tell me Łazy is the actual Treasure of Illusion/Phantom/whatever else you want to translate 幻 as. And what do you mean Phantom Flame Project moved to Erebonia Empire!? I thought that thing was to get whatever the treasure it is in Crossbell to show up! D:

Falcom… D: