Ao no Kiseki…things

Heavy spoiler for everything from the end of Intermission to the “second day” of chapter 4 to other background stories from earlier games in Falcom’s Kiseki series. Click at own risk.


Wait, seriously. What?

Like, how, um, in THAT short amount of time? Like, what!?

I’m, not sure, what to make out of this.

So let’s get this clear…

Mariabell sounds very very suspicious. The way she talks matches a certain pillar we get to see in the 3rd, so I’m suspecting her to be one. The fact that the way she talked to KeA at the end of the Intermission isn’t helping her, either. (And that extra character portrait of her, that’s totally evil expression! D: )

So assuming Mariabell is one of the pillars, naturally she’d be the one carrying out the Phantom Flame Project. Based on that, the person hiring Red Constellation would be her, since other than destroying the city and killing innocent, the one thing they took was the Bell in the central square, which was taken from the top of the Sun Fortress. It’s probably something to do with the holy child for D∴G Church and whatnot. Haven’t gotten pass the initial shock from Ch.4 day 2 yet to find out more… Anyways, also assuming that’s correct, the IBC tower was destroyed to bury evidence, not just because they wanted to blow things up.

…Which leads to Crossbell declaring independency from Erebonia and Carvard (sp? D: ) and then declare itself as a country in the span of what, 2 weeks? (Mariabell’s dad is the city’s mayor.) Using that whole Red Constellation attacking Crossbell as the reason (people think Erebonia’s behind the attack) for this fast decision.

But, why? Things just seem so rushed, like, they want to get Crossbell to become a country asap or something and just forced their way through… I guess I should keep on playing to find out. @_@;;