Aka ya Akashi ya Ayakashi no pt.1: “Preparation”

Guess AkaAka gets to be the first game written here. …Well it was the whole reason why I made this anyways I guess.

Anyways! Introducing “Aka ya Akashi ya Ayakashi no“, the new doujin “for girl” adventure game/visual novel from HaccaWorks*, famous for their Hanakisou. The series of posts I’m about to write on this game is a mix of summary of the game, my comments, and general fangirling. BL-related comment may be present too, even though the game is not a BL. If you’re not into reading a girl’s fangirling, please skip. :>

Lousy translation of the story given on the official site:

Yue is a boy raised in the shrine on top of the mountain in the outskirts of Utsuwa City. One day, Yue and his friend Kurogitsune sneaked out of the shrine for the annual winter festival and met two mysterious boys there. Upon hearing that when they got back, the head of the shrine, Mikoto told Yue:

“It’s time to prepare for your ‘meal’.”

Read on for the summary.

Oh um right, SPOILERS AHEAD! </gfaqsmind> The tl;dr version of the summary is below Day 3’s in case you don’t wanna read my long-winded horrible English.


The game starts off with Yue (由) and Kurogitsune (黒狐) sneaking out of the Utsuwa Shrine (空環神社) to attend the winter festival. This makes it the first time Yue leaves the shrine since he was born. Yue get to meet Tsubaki Tougo (椿灯吾) and Toochika Akiyoshi (遠近秋良), the two boys that Yue felt was “different” than everyone else, while checking out all the different booths. You can totally skip Akiyoshi’s without any problem though. 8D They also get to meet Nagi (薙) and Saku (朔), two sisters working for the shrine. While they’re about to go back to the shrine, Akiyoshi stopped them, acting like a weirdo and all. Kurogitsune ran off with his tissues to drive him away and told Yue to wait somewhere. Not sure where to go, Yue wondered off and run into parade. The leading priest(?), someone in tengu mask, saw him and called him “…Yoshiki?” while the others sings that warabe uta .

aka ya akashi ya ayakashi no

 Kurogitsune finds Yue passed out in front of the stairs to the shrine and they hurried back. When they got back, they ran into Abe-san-tachi (足部さん達), whose doing the omikuji. After chatting with him, they went back to the house to find Ranchu (嵐昼) telling them that they’ve be found out and was called to main shrine, where Satou (狭塔), the kannushi of the shrine is. Kurogitsune was assigned to a tight schedule of cleaning the shrine (Satou is a cleaning mania) but Yue’s excused from the punishment because of who he is and his body condition. While they’re talking Mikoto (ミコト), the god of the Utsuwa area joins in the convo and went off telling Yue to ask her out too next time a festival comes up. >.>; Yue mentioned the two boys he saw and everyone in the shrine gone quiet. Mikoto then tells Satou and Kurogitsune to prepare because Yue will now be going to the city to be friends with the boys. Not knowing what’s with the sudden change, Yue asked Mikoto, and Mikoto tells him that he is to be friends with the boys and bring them to the shrine, because one of them will be his “meal”. That night, a earthquake happened.

Day one: Yue and Kurogitsune went down to Utsuwa City to try to find the Tougo and Yoshiaki. They couldn’t find Tougo and ended up getting caught by Akiyoshi again, and Akiyoshi lead them to where Tougo is. To Tougo, both of them are weirdos. (Yue is just “I don’t know who you are”, while Akiyoshi is “stalker”.) Akiyoshi seems to know about Yue and the ayakashi on the mountains and warned Tougo to be careful of Yue, but Tougo is pretty much just shrugged it off and went to pick up his sister. On their way back to the shrine, Yue and Kurogitsune get to mean Toumori (灯守), the ayakashi in charge of keeping the lights around the shrine lite at night.

Day two: While Yue fall asleep in the living room (as usual), he heard the warabe uta in his dream again. It’s a song he have known and is an important song to him, but he don’t know where or how he learned about that song. When he wakes up, he found a bunch of cushions on top of him and Mikoto sitting near him. Turns out that there was an earthquake again while he was asleep and Mikoto put all the cushions on him to protect him. They had some chatting and Mikoto went back to the main shrine while Yue went for a stroll within the shrine. That evening, him and Kurogitsune is off to be friends with the boys again.

After wondering around in the city for a bit Tougo needs to go pick up his sister and Yue and Akiyoshi decided to tag along too. Flashing forward to the kindergarten, Hina (灯奈), Tougo’s sister is seen saying good-bye to the other kids before being picked up by Tougo. When they’re about to leave for home, Tougo noticed Hina forgot to bring her gym cloths to wash and Hina went back to grab her. She met another girl and the principle there before leaving again. Yue and Kurogitsune went back to the mountains once walked Tougo and Hina back home. Yue caught a fever that night and in his dream, Shin (シン), the person he usually talks to at night, went quiet.

Day three: Yue is actually not sleepy today, which surprised Kurogitsune to the point that he wondered if this is actually Yue… Anyways, they decided to visit the school right away today to try to catch Tougo and Akiyoshi, but was told that Tougo was taken away by a dangerous person so they went off to search for Tougo. Turns out that the dangerous person was actually Akiyoshi, and they’ve been waiting for Yue in the park. After meeting up, Yue found out that Akiyoshi now have the nick name of Akki. Since it’s late, Tougo is off to pick up Hina again. When chatting with the teacher in the kindergarten, the principle was mentioned but the teacher act as if such a person never existed. Everyone in the group was surprised since they just saw the principle yesterday… After getting Hina back home, they meet up in the park again to discuss about this and decides that they will investigate tomorrow before heading home. (Akki to find evidences that Yue did it, Yue trying to clear his name.)

tl;dr – Yue is gonna have either Tougo or Akiyoshi as his meal and he went to befriends with them ’cause of that. Tougo didn’t really cared about Yue being suspicious but Akiyoshi is all about trying to catch Yue’s tail. Someone went missing and Akiyoshi is sure that Yue did it while Yue denies doing it. They decided to try to find out what’s going on and parts their way. The game’s major split point happens here.

To be honest I’m tired of writing by now, can I stop?

…I can’t just left it hanging there? Fine. ;w;

The game basically splits into a few routes by this point: Tougo’s route, Akki’s route, Sagano’s route, Ayakashi routes, and the last ending. Maybe I’m just fail but I got the generic bad end on my first try. /o\ Since the post have gotten relatively long (WP says 1.5k+ words!), I’ll just write about the two bad ends involving the ayakashis here and save the others for the upcoming posts.

Ending 13 “小さく無邪気な嘘のまま”
Yue gets back to shrine and the goldfishes come out to greet him, telling Kurogitsune that Satou is waiting for him in the main shrine. After Kurogitsune went off, the goldfishes tell Yue that Satou wasn’t actually looking for Kurogitsune and proceed to eat Yue. Satou comes in and tell them that they weren’t given permission to do that, but the goldfishes say Satou mentioned Yue doesn’t fit as a container so they just ate him. They then discusses finding a new container as the game ends.

Hi, you’ve just read the summary of my trauma. Given the nature of this game I should have expected something like this? Guess I wasn’t prepared enough… But yeah, I actually liked the goldfishes, so the shock was relatively big and now I’m totally afraid of goldfishes. ;w;

Ending 12 “罪科と呼べばそれまでの”
When Yue and Kurogitsune gets back to the shrine, Abe-san-tachi came in and tell Kurogitsune that Satou’s looking for him. After Kurogitsune ran off, Abe-san-tachi tells Yue how different he is from the other people before him while Yue doesn’t really understand what he’s talking about. (It’s pretty confusing unless you’ve seen the other real ends before, especially Tougo’s.) Then he mentions how once Yue goes back Satou will most likely “strip away” what’s inside of Yue, so he will do it instead. See Ending 13.

Wasn’t as shocked by this ’cause I expected it! \o/ But yeah… Still kinda on the ugh side of things…

OK half ded. Gonna go die off ’till next post or something. (Watch, it’s gonna take another two days to write the next one.) And no, no proof-read of this at all so if you found anything funny, I’m most likely sleepy while writing that. Yue’s sleepiness got to me.