Deep down the hole we go.

#1 – Mi is not a good summary writer or writing for anything long.
#2 – Steam sale, why?
#3 – Friends want to multi.

….So yeah, sorry AkaAka, as much as I love you right now, you’d have to wait a bit ’till I find the will to keep on writing long ass posts.

So yeah… We went diggin’ down to the bottom of the world in Terraria. :’D

This is apparently our progress so far…

Not even half way through yet and that took 5 hours. :<

…5 hours…

I think the conclusion is that we all need weapon/armor upgrades. :’D And maybe stop building a building that’s now 25 floors high. And get more trees. And…

I guess I’ll have to farm my own worlds for a bit more resources before going back down there. ._.;

PS: I wonder if anyone will ever come up with an AkaAka texture pack for Terraria. (Yeah right like that’s gonna happen. >.> )